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Field of Expertise

Specialized Practice


MMI experienced lawyers having dealt in various insurance related projects from a wide range of industries, whether its insurance company or non-insurance company makes our lawyers more than capable to advise clients on insurance regulation and practice all together. We provide a full service in the insurance industry.



Our team of lawyers, experienced in plantation, have assisted clients from state owned and private enterprises alike. Providing companies with our legal services and assisting them in Our area of expertise in the plantation industry.


We provide legal assistance for companies, state owned and private companies alike, helping them conduct procurement matters, assisting them in business transactions, providing them with our legal services in procurement.



We fully understand the challenges and obstacles in the mining industry our client faces as well as their needs. We provide our clients with groundbreaking solutions for their legal issues. Our team is well equipped both in knowledge and practice, to face the constant changes of the mining regulation to provide you with the best legal services and keep you updated on the regulations.

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